ZenOSS view for Virtualization “Zen”

ZenOSS view for Virtualization “Zen”

ZenOSS has released a single page brochure that recommends the 5 Virtues for making your Virtualization Environment Hum.

I very much like their humorous approach, and I have to admit that they have a point, (or maybe 5 points!). Andhere are the five keys:

  1.  Real-time configuration and relationship tracking.
  2. Service impact and root-cause analysis
  3. A unified platform for broader environment monitoring.
  4. A platform that’s architected to be extensible.
  5. A hypervisor-agnostic platform

Read More: https://www.zenoss.com/sites/default/files/5-keys-to-virtualization-zen-ds.pdf

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