Zenoss Inc. just announced that NWN Corporation utilizes Zenoss to manage complex infrastructures, including technology stacks from Cisco, HP, NetApp, VMWare, and more to ensure it provides the most reliable services to its customers around the world.

Doug Syer, Vice President of Technology, NWN Corporation mentioned that individual customers have different requirements and those requirements change at an ever increasing pace. Other tools, NWN found, lack the flexibility to deliver at the speed customers required, while with Zenoss they can deliver faster because Zenoss is so flexible.

NWN Corporation is one of the few national partners for Cisco and holds elite certifications with HP, NetApp, EMC, VMWare, Microsoft, McAfee and others. To best deliver an accessible, reliable IT environment to its customers, NWN offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), wrapping together compute, network, and storage demands into a simple, scalable design. “I can’t overstate the advantage and necessity of having our critical events and data in one place. We worked hard to get people to understand the value of our proactive monitoring strategy and as a result have seen significant efficiency gains, fewer mistakes, and more satisfied customers,” adds Syer.

Available as an on-premise or a cloud-based service, Zenoss Service Dynamics provides unified, automated performance and availability monitoring and event management for IT infrastructure. Robust APIs facilitate easy integration with provisioning systems, service desk applications, CMDBs, and orchestration systems.