Virtual Instruments and Cisco are partnering to create solutions that play important roles in the performance, reliability and scalability of Cloud solutions.

Cisco is integrating its Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming with Virtual Instruments product, the VirtualWisdom performance management platform. This integration is expected to increase the breadth of visibility into SAN systems, while reducing both the complexity and cost of traditional hardware-based instrumentation.

With stored data serving as the brain trust of global organizations, advanced storage area networks (SANs) are vital to corporate digital business.

Cisco today announced technology innovations on some of it’s products which include built-in telemetry for flash memory environments, built-in telemetry sensors for streaming. This is coupled with integration with Virtual Instruments for deep Fibre Channel (FC) SAN performance monitoring, .

These are improved storage networking telemetry and performance capabilities that target to preserve customer technology investments.

Products involved in the solution are::

  • Virtual Instruments (VI) Virtual Wisdom, an Infrastructure Performance Monitoring platform ideal for customers in high performance industries such as finance, enterprises or large scale service providers. VI’s VirtualWisdom application monitors and analyzes the performance and utilization of FC SAN infrastructure. VirtualWisdom can be deployed non-intrusively, eliminating the need for physical TAP and hardware probes. Data will be streamed real-time from the Cisco MDS 9700 32G Module to the VirtualWisdom Platform Appliance, uniting Virtual Instruments analytics capabilities with Cisco’s leading SAN infrastructure.
  • Cisco MDS 9132T Fibre Channel Switch: supports flash memory environments (flash arrays for FCP workloads now and FC-NVMe in the near future), offering built-in telemetry diagnostics to proactively identify and correct conditions that affect all-flash array performance.
  • Cisco MDS 9700 32G Module: Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming providing advanced telemetry and diagnostics data, which are crucial to troubleshooting and providing deep insight into SAN fabrics. The Cisco MDS 9700 32G Module offers built-in sensors to provide pervasive data plane visibility for troubleshooting, infrastructure capacity planning, and optimization of SAN fabrics. Data is streamed real time using a high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework. The 32GB line card with built-in telemetry can be placed anywhere in the I/O path for seamless integration and ease of operation, and streamed data can be sent to any analytics application.
  • Cisco Nexus 9300-FX DC Switch: with Fibre Channel N-Port Virtualization, based on Cisco Cloud Scale technology,