VidSys – A transformational Physical Security Infrastructure Management Solution

VidSys – A transformational Physical Security Infrastructure Management Solution


VidSys, together with NICE Situator, Proximex, CNL Software and Verint Systems belongs to the top-5 Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM) vendors that offer large scale customizable & feature-rich software, targeting large scale implementations with multi-million CAPEX and hundreds of thousands maintenance OPEX.

These projects are high-end PSIM applications, for critical infrastructure, e.g. transportation, communication, government. Founded in 2005, VidSys is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia with additional offices in Marlborough, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Brazil.

VidSys Software Platform

VidSys provides a transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform used to run operations centers for public sector agencies and leading enterprise organizations globally. The platform continuously fuses and instantly correlates vast amounts of data gathered from any number or virtually any type, brand or generation of physical security system or sensor, as well as from networked management applications.

The result is actionable intelligence that empowers decision makers from a single organization or multiple entities – however geographically dispersed – to collaborate in real time. By leveraging mobile devices, the software also provides instant situational awareness and mission-critical intelligence to first responders, senior executives or other authorized parties.

VidSys how it works


VidSys Characteristics

  • Collection – The PSIM software collects data from a multitude of disparate security devices or systems.
  • Analysis – The system analyzes and correlates the data, events and alarms to identify and prioritize situations that must be addressed.
  • Verification – PSIM software presents the relevant situation information in a quick and easily-digestible format for an operator to verify the situation.
  • Resolution – The system provides step-by-step instructions to resolve the situation, based on the customer’s operating procedures and policies.
  • Reporting – The PSIM software tracks all the information and actions taken for compliance reporting, training or in-depth investigative analysis.


VidSys Features

With a true web-based and open architecture, the VidSys platform is also fully enabled for mobile users. This allows decision makers from a single organization or multiple entities to collaborate real-time and to share time-sensitive, actionable information both with executives and incident responders via mobile devices.

VidSys Characteristics

In summary, the VidSys software platform includes eight essential features:
Open Platform – Provides integration with virtually any known types of security systems and devices. It also supports third party systems such as building management, access controls and other sensors and systems.

Dynamic Geospatial Mapping – Enables precise location mapping and display of situations, people and alarms for fixed and mobile devices, and displays location data supporting incidents in real time for each specific situation or even globally across all situations.

Rules Engine – Provides intelligent correlation of data from various systems, including time and geography, in order automatically to identify situations and then persistently update those situations as events unfold.

Automated Presentation of Standard Operations Procedures – When any situation arises, the VidSys software presents standard operating procedures to the operations center operator along with the information, devices and contact information required for resolution – all within a single user interface.

Modular Platform – Provides dynamic adaptation to changes in situations, devices, configurations, policies and reporting while the system is running. Also supports a distributed architecture of all these for extraordinary transparency.

Browser-based Web Interface – Enables easy access and collaboration among organizations and personnel, also supports mobile and operations center users – across town or around the world.

Mobile Data Sharing – Facilitates real-time sharing of incident data and images between the operations center, the security staff and senior management.

Dynamic Reporting – Gathers, records, and maintains all information (alarms, video, audio and so on), responses and results into a single folder for policy compliance monitoring, investigative support or post-situation analysis and training.

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