TEOCO reported yesterday that it is time for the Chief Network officer to put on the CFO hat – to help decide what NOT to do, and to look at the network from a business and financial perspective instead of from a purely technological one.

This is inevitable as the economy slows down and intense price competition, commoditization and erosion of revenues from the use of over the top (OTT) applications are impacting operator revenues.” Total revenue for carriers grew 7% in 2011, but it is only expected to rise a mere 2% this year

But in order the CTO to make these decisions, CSPs need access to the right information. They need to understand issues such as:

  • Who and where are their most profitable customers?
  • Where do services and devices drive the highest margins for their business?
  • What areas of investment will provide the most ‘bang for the buck’?

In other words, service providers need to start prioritizing network investments by overlaying business insight on top of network issues to help determine where to focus their limited resources, but this often requires a shift in thinking. It requires capturing, correlating and analyzing data points from across the entire organization in order to make these critical decisions. It requires looking at every transaction to find the real business impact.

This is where ‘big data’ and network analytics tools can come to the rescue.