TEOCO launched the latest version of its RAN Optimization Software, Mentor 9.6. The new version of Mentor provides enhanced and extended Huawei LTE network support, enhancing its solution for automated multi-vendor and multi-technology network optimization. Mentor 9.6 also integrates with TEOCO’s other solutions for improved small cell planning and performance optimization.

Here is an insight of the new features, that focus on VIP users monitoring and subscriber experience:

Among its new features, Mentor 9.6 now incorporates detailed automatic alarms and notifications when performance for a VIP, group of VIP’s, or VIP location goes above certain thresholds pertaining to call drops, access failures, IRAT handovers or any other network quality metric. This allows engineers to rapidly and automatically identify critical problem areas, reducing potential down time and the risk of churn of high value customers. Push notifications via email ensure the engineer is made aware of these problems even when they are not working on Mentor.

Another new feature is the inclusion of the RAN subscriber analytics dashboard, which provides detailed insights on subscriber experience through a variety of KPIs including throughput, coverage, quality and drops, which can be related to specific VIP subscribers. This is coupled with additional event maps to further aid optimization and troubleshooting as part of the wider LTE and UMTS enhancements.

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