Fabien Voyer, Director of Marketing Strategy, Orange mentioned during the recent TMForum Live event that roles that have been traditionally held by Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Vendors and System Integrators are changing hands.

It seems like operators are resuming roles that they had seemingly left behind. According to Voyer, there is definitely a shift in the way Orange operates:

“… we now have a perspective to be more an integrator.”

Orange has very recently announced its plans to acquire a controlling stake in a systems integrator called Business & Decisions. “The acquisition aims to reinforce Orange Business Services’ leadership as an operator and integrator of data services in France and abroad,” the company said in a press release.

Why are telcos turning back in this direction? It looks like the IoT, VNF and other emerging technologies present such complexities that drive operators to take more control of technical input in order to assume the responsibility for the former complex structure of  liabilities between the vendor, integrator, and infrastructure owner.