Have you considered the impact of IoT on the network and management tools? You should, as the big data generated by “things” will have a great impact on the capabilities and features of the tools we know and use. It is possible that new players will emerge, ones that understand the IoT requires a different set of skills and capabilities to be managed and monitored properly.

As TechRadar reports:

While the challenge of implementing and integrating all the “things” into the IT infrastructure is already substantial, what comes next is no small task either. All these connected devices are doing something on the network, and that something is creating massive amounts of data while also utilizing network resources. The volume of machine-to-machine data created by connected devices will require us to rethink the way we process and analyze data. Additionally, we will need to be able to visualize, contextualize and report on that data in a way that is usable. All of this needs to happen over networks managed and monitored by IT, without impacting existing business applications.


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