4G LTE Cellular Networks – Performance Monitoring Complexity & What are the challenges affecting end-user’s experience?

Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) are facing challenges stemming from the increased 4G LTE Performance Monitoring complexity. To address these challenges, many CSPs, especially Tier-1 and Tier-2 ones, are partnering with innovative performance monitoring software vendors & integrators. The biggest challenge a CSP faces is how to improve real-time visibility of the operational status of [...]

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mmWave Wireless Networks – What are the prerequisites for successful deployments? (Part 1)

Operators (and vendors) face a very challenging and interesting situation related to the emerged technology of millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless networks. The high capacity connections that can be created with mmWave wireless links can fully satisfy the bandwidth demands of residential customers. But as residential access networks are highly dynamic, [...]

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Wireless Transmission Enterprise Connectivity – Bandwidth on Demand Realized with SDN

Following the previous article that discussed the importance of SDN for Wireless Transmission networks, it is time to focus on a specific problem of Wireless Transmission and see how it can be solved with SDN. The problem selected is Bandwidth on Demand for Enterprise connectivity. Let's start with how enterprises [...]

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Wireless Transmission – The importance of SDN for simpler management

Wireless Transmission Challenges Wireless Transmission faces new unprecedented challenges as a result of adoption of cloud services, the dramatic increase of video usage, the increase of device mobility as people use now more their smartphones than desktops and the gradual realization of "Internet of Things". The two main challenges that [...]

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Next-generation Wireless Networks – Network Management Challenges

Network Management procedures and tools have been steadily evolving the last 20 years, in order to provide a clearer view of the managed devices and networks, help the network owner/operator take decisions for network expansion and reduce the network maintenance costs while at the same time increase network and service [...]

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Wireless Backhaul – Challenges for Network Management

Overview The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks. Management has also become more complex due to the nature of packet-based transmission and the resiliency and flexibility features of packet networks. Currently, the management of wireless backhaul [...]

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Mobile Backhaul – Network wide traffic control challenges

Overview The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks that require capital-intensive investments in order to keep up with the ever increasing backhaul capacity. Network Operators are eagerly researching ways to minimize this investment. A business procedure [...]

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