CISCO acquires Viptela to build stronger SD-WAN portfolio

Over the past several years, an immense transition has taken place as networks have become more diverse and complex. Companies large and small have many branch sites – users at the edge that need to connect securely and quickly to the network and the cloud. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) [...]

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SD WAN Performance Monitoring – The use case of Verizon selecting SevOne

More and more companies are pursuing digital transformation initiatives to support their business goals and increase business agility. Digital transformation is related to next-generation infrastructure, including software defined networking services, that must be monitored. Thus the need for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking  or SD WAN Performance Monitoring emerges. Software defined environments [...]

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World Economic Forum Telecom Industry study forecasts massive gains from digital transformation

The World Economic Forum Telecom Industry study findings are recorded in a white paper that records the predictions for the future of the Telecom Industry and the impact of digital transformation. The study was performed with Accenture, was released in January 2017 and contains interesting forecasts describing the importance of the [...]

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Entuity 2017 Predictions: SDN, SD-WAN and Right Sizing In The Cloud

Entuity CTO has recently published an interesting article presenting Entuity SDN predictions for 2017 and it is about SDN, SD-WAN and Right Sizing In The Cloud. The piece on predictions for 2017 was published on VMBlog by Entuity’s CTO, Jeff Roper. Interestingly, Entuity SDN predictions describe that the slow pace [...]

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Network Slicing Holds Major Promise in Optimizing 5G Networks – 5G Americas White Paper

5G is expected to realize an important digital transformation. This will be made possible through innovative radio access technologies but also by integrating cross-domain networks. 5G must support a wide variety of use cases and their performance requirements, and a key to realize that seems to be "Network Slicing". Network slicing [...]

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Wireless Transmission Enterprise Connectivity – Bandwidth on Demand Realized with SDN

Following the previous article that discussed the importance of SDN for Wireless Transmission networks, it is time to focus on a specific problem of Wireless Transmission and see how it can be solved with SDN. The problem selected is Bandwidth on Demand for Enterprise connectivity. Let's start with how enterprises [...]

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Wireless Transmission – The importance of SDN for simpler management

Wireless Transmission Challenges Wireless Transmission faces new unprecedented challenges as a result of adoption of cloud services, the dramatic increase of video usage, the increase of device mobility as people use now more their smartphones than desktops and the gradual realization of "Internet of Things". The two main challenges that [...]

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