Nextiva PSIM by Verint – An Actionable Intelligence solution. Enhances security and improves emergency management

Overview Verint is one of the five PSIM Megavendors Verint is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions and value-added services that help organizations worldwide improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place. Verint is not focused on PSIM, but instead has a wide portfolio of [...]

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Proximex Surveillint- Integrated Physical Security Infrastructure Management

Overview Proximex develops innovative solutions that leverage existing and new systems and technologies that are integrated into a centralized command and control center. Proximex solutions ensure that incident information is no longer trapped within disparate systems, but brought together in context with security policies and operations for analysis and [...]

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NICE Situator – A leading Physical Security Infrastructure Management Solution

Overview NICE belongs to the top-5 Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM) vendors that offer large scale customizable & feature-rich software, targeting large scale implementations with multi-million CAPEX and hundreds of thousands maintenance OPEX. These projects are high-end PSIM applications, for critical infrastructure, e.g. transportation, communication, government. NICE was the [...]

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Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM) – Applications, Challenges and Benefits

Overview Physical security information management (PSIM) is software designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface. PSIM is realized via collection and correlation of events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building [...]

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