AI in hospitality – use NLP to meet customer expectations

COVID-19 has had an extensive impact on the hospitality industry but AI in hospitality comes to the rescue! Shelter-in-place restrictions, along with event cancellations, reductions in business travel and widespread job losses have altered how and why people travel. Faced with lower occupancy, shifting safety measures, and catering to an [...]

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What is the OpenAI API? (GPT-3 NLP Model)

The openAI organization has recently released the openAI API for accessing new AI models developed by OpenAI. Unlike most AI systems which are designed for one use-case, this API provides a general-purpose “text in, text out” interface, allowing users to try it on virtually any English language task. Currently not [...]

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OpenAI Licenses GPT-3 Technology to Microsoft

OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company, is therefore focused on Artificial intelligence (AI) that is today undoubtedly the foremost computing trend, but it is also becoming a reality taking the form of a platform upon which people can build amazing new experiences as it happened before with personal [...]

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