Nagios reports:

We are honored to have been chosen by the SourceForge Community to be
“Project of the Month” for October 2016.

*SourceForge Newsletter Expert:*
SourceForge’s “Community Choice” Project of the Month for October: Nagios

For our October “Community Choice” Project of the Month, the community
elected Nagios Core, powerful network monitoring software, enterprise-class
host, server, application, and network monitoring tools. Designed to be
fast, flexible, and rock-solid stable. Nagios runs on *NIX hosts and can
monitor Windows, Linux/Unix/BSD, Netware, and network devices.

Nagios monitors your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems,
applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. In
the event of a failure, Nagios can alert technical staff of the problem,
allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business
processes, end-users, or customers. With Nagios, you’ll never be left
having to explain why an unseen infrastructure outage hurt your
organization’s bottom line.


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