• Network Management, MIBs and MPLS: Principles, Design and Implementation is the definitive guide to managing and troubleshooting enterprise and service provider networks. This in-depth tutorial from networking expert Stephen Morris delivers clear and concise instruction on networking with MIBs, SNMP, MPLS, and much more. Coverage includes SNMPv3, network management software components, IP routing, HP Openview Network Node Manager, NMS software components, among other key techniques and tools for managing large network systems.
  • Implement SNMPv3, the new network management standard -- hands-on! To manage and secure today's information systems -- and prepare for tomorrow's -- you need to master SNMPv3, the latest industry-standard protocol for managing IP networks. With David Zeltserman's Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network Management, you will. Accessible and authoritative, this book combines just enough theory with extensive guidance for real-world SNMPv3 deployment. Coverage includes: * New SNMPv3 framework, textual conventions, and message format * Leveraging SNMPv3's powerful security features, including authentication, encryption, and access control * Configuring SNMPv3 for generating notifications and proxy forwarding * Detailed examples of how to manage SNMPv3 devices * Coexistence with SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 * Practical techniques for using RMON2 to gain insight into your network * Examples for utilizing Cisco MIBs to help manage your network * Many practical insights into network management SNMPv3 and the related RMONv2 standard have a reputation for complexity, but this book cuts through the confusion, showing you the logic and simplicity beneath. Whether you're ready to deploy these technologies, or simply to understand them, you won't find a more valuable resource.
  • Written for those who plan, administer and manage networks and for software developers who work in a networked envoironment, this reference presents the ideas behind SNMP and explains the protocols and mechanisms. Emphasizing practical network management, this book provides descriptions of what is managed using SNMP, explaining the meaning of the information that is retrieved from TCP/IP systems, Ethernet, Token-Ring LAN or FDDI LAN interfaces, serial point-to-point, DS1 or DS3 interfaces and X.25 or frame relay interfaces. It also includes SNMPV 2
  • Shows network professionals how to design, define, write and update useful SNMP Management Information Bases (MIBs) that support standards-based network management.Introduces SNMP MIBs, documents that contain definitions of management information which allow systems to be remotely monitored, configured and controlled. Presents a model of an SNMP-based management network and defines the SNMP management framework. Walks through the construction of MIBs, including name space organization, MIB naming, maintenance, object semantics and object style, and othe topics. Presents advanced techniques, including tables within tables, multi-table relationships and linked lists. Shows how to analyze standard MIBs. Discusses front-end and back-end MIB compilers, including SMIC, NetView/6000 SunNet Manager and HP OpenView. Includes a guide to MIB developer's resources. Anyone involved in building systems that must be compliant with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the leading international standard for network management.