More and more companies are pursuing digital transformation initiatives to support their business goals and increase business agility. Digital transformation is related to next-generation infrastructure, including software defined networking services, that must be monitored. Thus the need for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking  or SD WAN Performance Monitoring emerges.

Software defined environments are more complex and difficult to scale, support and maintain. Many of the legacy infrastructure management tools cannot support these environments. Management systems should be able to collect, visualize and analyze infrastructure to better understand what is happening, whom it is happening to, why it happened and how they experienced it.


The Verizon SD WAN Performance Monitoring Use Case

According to a recent Verizon announcement, Verizon Enterprise has selected to collaborate with SevOne on solutions that overcome the network visibility challenges that many enterprise customers are experiencing in their infrastructure transformation.

The collaboration between SevOne and Verizon gives organizations that have already moved toward next-generation virtualized environments the ability to proactively manage more of their infrastructure, visualize and report in real time, and troubleshoot at scale. This is achieved by using an integrated Web interface to gain an end-to-end view of services spanning the physical and virtual network.

Using these virtual networking services, IT professionals can analyze the performance of the hybrid WAN to enhance delivery of application to users; measure disparate metrics in a single-services view spanning the SD WAN, application performance and supporting infrastructure; automate baseline performance metrics that drive predictive alerts on service performance; unify performance metrics across network, security, and applications; and, provide speed to intelligence at scale across the global enterprise footprint.

According to the announcement, this collaboration between SevOne and Verizon delivers virtual business services that increase reliability, agility and efficiency that will help clients accelerate innovation and maintain a competitive edge through simplified management and cost control.