Partnership Provides Autonomous Cloud and Infrastructure Orchestration

Zenoss Inc. , the leader in hybrid IT monitoring
and analytics software, and SaltStack , the creator
of intelligent orchestration software for management of any infrastructure
or application stack at scale, announced the industry’s first integrated
solution to enable the autonomic software-defined data center. The
strategic partnership was formed to combine hybrid IT monitoring and
analytics with predictive orchestration and configuration management for
virtualized and software-defined IT environments.

As leading organizations across all industries adopt digital transformation
initiatives, the demands on IT teams and processes are growing
exponentially. The extensible Zenoss and SaltStack platforms offer
unprecedented automation capabilities, eliminating the delays, errors and
downtime costs associated with manual response to ensure real-time health
and performance for services that power digital transformation.

“We use event-driven automation from SaltStack integrated with advanced
monitoring from Zenoss to efficiently orchestrate DevOps tasks and data
center operations,” said Seth Miller, Nuance Communications
DevOps architect. “With SaltStack
consuming and reacting to Zenoss data and events, our teams are extremely
efficient as we fully automate the on-demand deployment of new instances in
AWS, control configuration drift on monitored instances, and orchestrate
the deployment of complex application environments.”

In addition to automating day-one monitoring for server deployment and
configuration, the integration addresses other key use cases including:

– Autonomous scaling of data center capacity based on system events
– Intelligent system remediation triggered by event creation,
consumption and diagnosis
– Monitoring configuration vulnerability alerts as system events for
infrastructure security compliance

The Zenoss and SaltStack integration also automates response to
infrastructure and application performance issues, providing intelligent
remediation triggered by event creation, consumption and diagnosis. Through
automatic deployment, configuration and monitoring of Zenoss service
relationships, SaltStack enables auto-scaling of data center capacity. This
is a unique and significant advancement in guaranteeing the health and
security of IT services that drive modern businesses.

“The rapid shift toward automation in large enterprise IT environments is
accelerating IT innovation,” said Greg Stock, president and CEO of Zenoss.
“CIOs understand that their businesses increasingly rely on the health and
performance of IT applications and services, and they’re demanding that the
technologies they choose can keep pace.”

Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO and co-founder, said, “We’re excited about what
this solution is already doing for our customers. Together, SaltStack and
Zenoss are making intelligent and autonomous IT systems possible for the
first time. Our integrated, next-generation systems management solutions
are driving substantial advancements for the digital enterprise as secure,
service-centric IT environments become paramount.”

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