PRTG has released the PRTG Script World that is accessible through the PRTG web site. The PRTG Script World is a collection of free useful scripts, plugins and add-ons for PRTG. They are written by Paessler employees and dedicated PRTG users around the world. It is an on-line collection that contains scripts but also links to 3rd party web sites and blogs that provide the scripts and instructions.

This is a nice way to extend the features of PRTG. Users around the world customizing PRTG offering with their scripts can now share them and also search in the library to find solutions created by others.

According to PRTG, the scripts have been carefully checked and selected , but as they are not part of PRTG they are not officially supported by PRTG Tech Support. This is a logical warranty declaration from PRTG, and it should not stop you from implementing and customizing scripts found in the library.


Scripts in PRTG Script World

The PRTG Script World library is not big yet, but it is expected to grow, as PRTG is actively adding more entries. Some nice features that can be added to a PRTG installation through scripts found in the library are:

  • Monitor Grafana via a PRTG Datasource plugin
  • Monitor DNS TXT records
  • Monitor a given linux service for its availability and if it’s not started, it will automatically try to do so.
  • Find out how much AWS is charging you for your AWS Cloud infrastructure
  • A great guide on how to achieve Citrix monitoring by the Lockstep Technology Group
  • Query SAP systems through EXE sensors created by SAP
  • Monitor your MySQL Server’s table fragmentation rates
  • Monitor Web Sites that require login – the script will first login and then check the redirected web page

If you are a PRTG user, I encourage you to share your scripts with the community and try the scripts available in the PRTG Script World.