SNMP at the Edge : Building Effective Service Management Systems

SNMP at the Edge : Building Effective Service Management Systems

To manage a service network, managers have to control the network, the application, and the receiving devices – and that's not easy assignment. Here is a hands-on manual detailing how to design and deploy effective service management systems. This book covers everything service managers need to know: designing, systems, purchasing program software; automating applications; configuring edge devices; testing, monitoring; and measuring. It analyzes why our current network software and standards have so far been failures, and walks readers through the steps of building a complete SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) edge management system. It dissects and compares the many competing management protocols now in play.

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From the Back Cover

GET THE EDGE with a high-performance service management system“In the IETF we tend to approach the Network Management issue in little pieces, building blocks if you like. This book takes a look at a much broader picture and uses SNMP building blocks as a way of describing how to create a complete Network and Service Management System.” — Bert Wijnen, Co-Area Director, Operations and Management, IETF

“Considering the crudeness of the network management tools available it is a wonder that IP data networks work at all, and it is no wonder that creating new value added services is, at best, a challenge. In this book Jon provides a detailed and complete guide to the tools and technologies that currently exist and a roadmap of the areas of future development which may yet provide network management tools on a par with SNA and the telephone world. This is must-have information for every network planner, manager, and management software developer.” — Scott Bradner, Senior Technical Consultant at Harvard University, IETF Area Director


Who said service management is easy? Certainly not anyone who ever tried to deploy high-value profitable services. Expertly configuring a router is one thing, controlling a LAN is another, and getting routers, applications, and devices working together to deliver a service and collect service data is something else altogether!


When it comes to service management, software solutions expert Jonathan Saperia has been there, done that for many of the biggest-name ISPs and enterprises. So if you’d like to find a path leading to cost-effective high-value service delivery and management, open these pages. You’ll find the help you need to:
* Evaluate service management protocols now in play
* Learn the advantages of using SNMP at the edge
* Avoid the pitfalls routinely encountered with even the best system management software
* Build a system that reflects economic reality
* Work through system design, buying decisions, or development concepts
* Create profitable high-value service offerings with reliable service management support

About the Author

Jonathan Saperia (Watertown, MA) is President and founder of JDS Consulting ( He is an independent consultant in standards-based management technology for equipment vendors, ISPs, enterprises and third-party application developers. Previously he was Software Development Director at IronBridge networks and Network Architect at Digital Equipment Corp. He has extensive experience in network systems development and deployment. For the past 10 years he has actively worked in the Internet Engineering Task Force as a contributor, author, and working group chair in many areas related to SNMP based management. He has created management software product direction for systems and applications and has led architecture, design and development efforts for award-winning management software efforts. You can reach Jon at

SNMP at the Edge : Building Effective Service Management Systems


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