PandoraFMS Enterprise new release focuses on User Experience

PandoraFMS Enterprise new release focuses on User Experience

PandoraFMS enterprise new release has been announced; the new release, available from November 2016, focuses on visualization and experience of the Pandora flagship product, an all-in-one monitoring solution, covering everything from hardware to business processes.


PandoraFMS enterprise new release – features

Automated mapping improvements: Improvements in automated mapping of new users deriving from Active Directory. Group functions and a simplified editor.

New dashboard widgets. Now it’s easier to create simple control panels showing module values, with labels and icons.

Image data integrated: Now includes image data integrated in text modules. Get visual feedback on alerts and network status through the Pandora FMS console.

Customization improvements: With the Enterprise version you can easily customize welcome screens and headers.

Dashboard v 01 for mobile devices: Pandora FMS is mobile. As well as receiving alerts and reports through your mobile device now it’s also possible to have a full dashboard view of your system’s activity. Look out for more updates soon.

Visualization improvements: Improved visualization of area graphs. See-through screens allow you to overlay images for a more complete view of graphs and charts.


Future Releases – Pandora FMS 7.0

PandoraFMS Enterprise new release roadmap

According to the official Pandora roadmap (see image) here is what to expect next:

Dashboard upgrades: New widgets, such as gauges, bar graphs, real-time numeric data, pie charts and visual improvements for combined graphs.

Dynamic monitoring: Thresholds will adjust automatically based on daily behavior and will “learn” on their own.

Predictive monitoring: Improvements on predictive monitoring, including a friendlier configuration method.

Smarter Satellite server: Able to detect network topologies, execute thousands of agent-less, simultaneous SSH checks on Unix systems, and gather inventory information automatically, without the need for prior configuration.

Massive modification: We’ve included a massive modification tool for remote plugins. It’s very useful for modifying a remote plugin when performing large deployments.

New visual console: Now more dynamic, making it easier to display more with less configuration. Ideal for designing business dashboards.

About PandoraFMS Enterprise

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software product developed by Artica ST, a Spanish company founded in 2005 specializing in software development, mainly in the security and systems area.

The Pandora FMS software was created in 2002, with the help of the current CEO and founder Sancho Lerena. Since then it has evolved, becoming a tool for all types of companies, across borders and languages, and offering one of the most complete solutions on the market.

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