openNMS reports a usability upgrade of their documentation. This is how Marcel Fuhramnn describes the upgrade:

We heard the call of duty to do something to get the wiki more usable. So we spent some time at the Dev-Jam to create a more structured Wiki entry page available at

We broke up the content from the old main page into categories. Here a few thoughts behind the categories we have identified:
GETTING STARTED: Every Wiki article which is related to get started with OpenNMS. As we went through the pages, it seems especially the getting started tutorial needs a review.
INSTALLATION & UPGRADES: All important links to the latest installation documentations and upgrade guides.

TUTORIALS: We moved most of the configuration for monitoring applications and specific devices in dedicated sections and removed them from the Tutorials category . There still some articles left which are in the generic OpenNMS Category and need to be re-categorized.

DOCUMENTATION: We added a category which collects all links to documentation related topics for the projects which are related to OpenNMS like Minion, Newts, PRIS, JICMP and JICMP6. If there is something missing please feel free to add or let us know.

COMMUNITY: Everything related to community related stuff and social media links are moved into the Community section.

MONITORING APPLICATIONS / DEVICES: This is a new section and the idea is, to make it easier to find specific vendor support configurations, eg. event configs, data collections and graph definitions. Ronny talked at the Dev-Jam about a new Github repository ( ) which could make it easier to add/find/create new vendor configs in future. There probably some wiki pages with just configuration snippets which can be migrated to a GitHub configuration module which makes it easier for others to get forked, extended.

TOOLS: Different tools around OpenNMS, to share config snippets, to analyze Thread Dumps, Source Code Browser, Issue Tracker and Continuous Integration System.

LAB: Development and prototype projects for new features or proof of concepts. We already added the Dev-jam, GSoC wikis and some projects which are related to OpenNMS Horizon 19.

INDEX: This is an overview about all articles in the Wiki in alphabetical order.

ABOUT USING THIS WIKI: Some things about using this wiki, this page still needs some update.

LEFT TOOLBAR: Currently the left toolbar needs some cleanup, we will remove some duplicated links and see what’s left.