Adrem Software releases new how-to NetCrunch video

Adrem Software releases new how-to NetCrunch video

If you are curious to see what Adrem Software is doing with NetCrunch, you will appreciate this new Netcrunch video recently released by Adrem Software.

NetCrunch is an agentless monitoring solution for network devices, servers, applications, virtualization and web pages. It provides a rich visualization of the managed infrastructure with fault and performance monitoring capabilities.

The lastest version if NetCrunch comes with a bonus, a free fork from Grafana called GrafCrunch to provide better live dashboards from multiple sources.

Here are the highlights, as presented in the NetCrunch video by Adrem Software:

  1. Flow Monitoring: good support of NetFlow, IPFix, NBAR, sFlow and jFlow
  2. Network Dependencies: a straightforward way to reduce the number of “Node Down” alerts
  3. GrafCrunch charts and graphs: A fork of Grafana is a nice way to produce reports.
  4. Run actions on alerts: a useful way to automate maintenance and run basic troubleshooting and diagnostics tests to identify and perhaps solve the issue before the admin is alerted.
  5. Physical Segments Map: A straightforward way to visualize the L2 physical connections.
  6. Screen Rotation: a clever way to monitor the network in case you are lacking a multi-monitor setup
  7. Easy Installation: Adrem Software has worked to simplify the installation of NetCrunch
  8. Scalability: Claiming to monitor millions of performance counters from a single server is impressive.
  9. Integration: Out-of-the-box integration of NetCrunch to noumerous 3rd party tools for ticketing and monitoring, including Asana, Paperclip etc.
  10. 30 days unlimited trial with support: A good way to test the product before you buy it.


It should be noted that NetCrunch runs on Windows Servers, so if your monitoring center uses Linux you may need to use virtualization or select a different tool.

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