CNL Software is a world leader and global provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, designed for complete Integrated Situation Management. CNL Software PSIM technology is deployed to secure major cities, critical infrastructure and global commerce.

CNL Software’s solutions sit at the heart of some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking PSIM integration projects in the world helping to shape the future of security by offering thought leadership on key issues such as asset protection, energy reduction, process compliance and business advantage in converged physical environments.

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As the developer of the IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM solution, CNL Software took a tried and tested IT based approach to security integration. They built a ‘Commercial off the Shelf’ (COTS) development suite that allows the creation of customized command and control suites at a fraction of the time and cost of bespoke solutions.


By the addition of a strong workflow engine, CNL Software can integrate most security applications and add compliance, convergence and situational awareness to the resulting solution. This highly scalable PSIM solution works in city center CCTV operations, large enterprise security applications, power stations, and oil refineries to name a few, managing all the security assets according to the security policy required.

Together with delivery partners, CNL Software has developed and deployed some of the most innovative, forward thinking PSIM solutions to control rooms around the globe.


CNL IPSecurityCenter Architecture 2
IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM is designed to be scalable, resilient and future-proof. Utilizing a Windows server-client architecture, IPSecurityCenter is based on the Microsoft® .NET Framework and industry-standard Microsoft® SQL Server databases. The product has been designed using an open systems approach to allow rapid integration of 3rd party software and hardware products.

Data integration enables IPSecurityCenter to reach beyond the boundaries of traditional security software to integrate business systems and data, e.g HR, with physical security policies. Database connectivity is achieved through ODBC-compliant business connectors, unifying data islands from multiple databases through the same interface.

IPSecurityCenter is designed to support a standards-compliance Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). For the Systems Integrator, graphical tools allow traditionally complex integrations, such as linking cellular messaging with access control, to be achieved in a visual drag-and-drop environment.


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