Energy Queensland from Australia has recently published an Express of Interest (EoI) describing an IoT as-a-service (aaS) model, to procure and further develop (or customize) an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to support its ICT functions and service management capability across its business subsidiaries. The scope of the IoT platform includes existing IoT devices within Energy Queensland, as well as anticipated future devices.

While covering the whole government-owned corporation, the end solution is intended to be particularly geared towards its subsidiaries energy solutions provider Yurika and electricity distributors Ergon Energy and Energex, as Energy Queensland expects growth in the number of IoT devices used between the three organizations.

The government-owned corporation is seeking expressions of interest for the supply of the IoT platform until 16 November.

IoT as-a-service (aaS) model Requirements

  • Unified Platform: Currently, the subsidiaries monitor and manage network monitoring IoT devices and metering devices through a number of different solutions, which Energy Queensland noted in expression of interest (EOI) documents “provide varying levels of service, functionality and capability”.
  • IoT services reselling: The EOI documents also point towards a clear focus for the platform to be resold through Yurika. “Energy Queensland, through Yurika requires the right to resell the IoT platform and related platform in the Australian market ideally with exclusivity for the Queensland market and a non-compete agreement for the rest of Australia,” the documents noted.
  • Management capabilities: the platform needs to contain data management, device management, communication capabilities, analytics, artificial intelligence and ecosystem management capabilities.
  • Monetization capabilities: The platform needs to allow for partner integration, monetization of assets and supporting ICT functions. The platform that can create digitized intellectual property either through applications or application programming interfaces, which can then make them available for sale on a global scale
  • Delivery Timeframe: while being delivered ideally within a one- to three-month timeframe.

Energy Queensland Objectives

The potential platform plays into Energy Queensland’s 2030 digital strategy, which has IoT playing a substantial role. Among other objectives, its strategy sees it using IoT to drive cost efficiencies in its regulated electricity business, as well as value creation opportunities in its unregulated Yurika business.