Infosim StableNet is Performance, Fault and Configuration Management all-in-one product that provides automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance solutions for Telcos, ISPs, Managed Service Providers and Corporations.Infosim has been developing and providing StableNet® to Telco and Enterprise customers since 2003.

Infosim is privately held with offices in Germany (Wuerzburg – Headquarter), USA (Austin) and Singapore.


Infosim StableNet Editions

Designed to support very large networks, the product comes in two editions:

  • StableNet Enterprise and
  • StableNet Telco

The two editions are tailored to address the specific needs of  each market segment. Both editions can be installed locally or in the cloud.

The Infosim StableNet licensing model is based on the number of measurements monitored per device. Infosim sells the product directly and through channel partners.


StableNet Local Installation

When installed locally, at the Network Operations Center (NOC) or the IT department, StableNet can use the StableNet appliance, a ready-to-run systems platform consisting of a pre-configured hardware server (128GB RAM, 6 HDD disks in a 1RU form factor), loaded with CentOS 7 operating system.

The appliance can be used as

  • All-in-One installation containing the StableNet server, and Embedded Oracle or MySQL database and a StableNet Agent.
  • Boxed Server, containing the StableNet server, and Embedded Oracle or MySQL database but NO StableNet Agent.
  • Boxed Agent, containing only a StableNet Agent

Alternative to the appliance, users can use their own server infrastructure for installing the StableNet server, agent and GUI components on different bare-metal or virtual machines.


StableNet Cloud Installation

The StableNet server can be installed in a cloud environment, supporting monitoring out of the cloud.

This is very useful for small enterprises that do not want the installation, operation and maintenance cost of the monitoring solution.

With a cloud installation, StableNet users monitor the resources and services using web clients that are customized to their preferences and privileges. The StableNet administrator uses a Rich Client (Windows) for administration.

StableNet Embedded Agents

For certain types of data collection, including synthetic performance testing, local agents must be deployed at each monitored location. To simplify this procedure, Infosim has created the Embedded Agents, very small factor LINUX boxes, similar to the Rasberry Pi devices.

The Embedded Agents come pre-configured and can be added to the StableNet server using as ID a barcode. This almost zero effort installation procedure is a key benefit in using the embedded agents.


Features & Capabilities

Infosim StableNet enables network availability monitoring coupled with network performance management and network change and configuration management features.

StableNet’s core features include:

  • Automated discovery,
  • Performance management,
  • Traffic analysis,
  • Fault management,
  • Configuration management and
  • Reporting.
  • Inventory and asset management features.

Automated Discovery

The platform discovers network and non-network devices via SNMP and Internet Control Message Protocol. Its discovery features also find Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, virtual LANs and servers — including hypervisors. It can assemble discovered resources automatically into topology and dependency maps.

Fault Management

StableNet’s core fault management feature monitors the health of network resources. It automatically correlates alarms and events to perform root-cause analysis and business-impact analysis. It also gives network managers information on how to take action on a network failure. In addition to monitoring non-network devices, such as servers and storage, StableNet can monitor external cloud resources, making it suitable for hybrid cloud infrastructures.

The system can produce customizable real-time and historical reports via its web-based dashboard. It can also output those reports in a variety of formats for presentation in a user portal or distribution via email.

Performance Management

Infosim StableNet’s performance management capability uses synthetic transactional performance measurements to analyze end-user experience. Its traffic-analysis feature collects and analyzes network flow data, including NetFlow and IPFIX, to report on traffic conditions, with quick insight into top talkers, quality of service and application performance.

Northbound Integration

StableNet integrates with a wide variety of event management systems, service desk systems, cloud and virtual management systems, and configuration management databases.

Infosim offers a free, fully functional 30-day trial of StableNet.