Best Network Intelligence Award at the Broadband World Forum 2020 is given to Huawei – At the online Broadband World Forum 2020 (BBWF 2020) award ceremony, the Huawei iMaster NCE-FAN solution was awarded Best Network Intelligence on the basis of its innovative intelligent applications in fixed networks for improving user experience and reducing operators’ O&M costs. This award signals the success that Huawei’s innovative solution is enjoying in the network O&M automation and intelligence domain.


Currently in its 19th year — and held entirely online for the first time this year — the BBWF remains the premier annual exhibition for the fixed network field. The prestigious Best Network Intelligence award is presented by the BBWF to recognize solutions that both promote the development of O&M automation and intelligence in the fixed access field as well as make outstanding contributions to improving end user experience and reducing operators’ O&M costs.

In 2019, Huawei released the NCE-FAN Premium Broadband solution as a result of extensive research into the service trend of fixed network O&M. The solution provides three key capabilities: PON network intelligent diagnosis, visible and manageable home network, and service experience awareness. This solution helps operators reduce O&M costs and improve user experience.

  • PON network intelligent diagnosis: iMaster NCE can abstract fault information in optical data collected from PON networks, and has learned more than 20 optical fault models, which include low power and excessive fiber bending. By applying these fault models to operators’ networks, iMaster NCE can identify root causes and locate optical faults, thereby reducing operators’ OPEX.
  • Visible and manageable home network: By analyzing device characteristics from network data, iMaster NCE can identify more than 10 device types, including access points, mobile phones, cameras, and laptops. With this information, the topology of home networks can be visualized remotely. iMaster NCE can optimize the Wi-Fi experience by remotely adjusting home gateway configurations, including transmit power, channel and band, resulting in 30% fewer home visits.
  • Service experience awareness: With machine learning capability, iMaster NCE can learn application types by modeling traffic and network characteristics, as well as sensing experience quality by monitoring network KPIs, such as latency and packet loss rate. In this way, iMaster NCE can precisely identify users who are suffering from poor experience, allowing operators to promptly address such situations.

“As access network technologies evolve and services become more diversified, networks are becoming ever more complex. How to reduce operators’ OPEX while networks are expanding has been a long-term target of the Huawei NCE-FAN team.” said York Song, President of Huawei Transport & Access Product Line. He continued, “The three core capabilities of the Huawei NCE-FAN Premium Broadband solution can help operators simplify O&M and improve user experience.”

Since its release, the Huawei NCE-FAN Premium Broadband solution is well received in the industry, which is currently used by more than 50 global operators, covering over 10 million households. In the future, Huawei will continue to explore network automation and intelligence to accelerate the construction of a fully connected, intelligent world.