Entuity CTO has recently published an interesting article presenting Entuity SDN predictions for 2017 and it is about SDN, SD-WAN and Right Sizing In The Cloud.

The piece on predictions for 2017 was published on VMBlog by Entuity’s CTO, Jeff Roper.

Interestingly, Entuity SDN predictions describe that the slow pace of SDN deployments will continue in 2017 with the exception of SDN-WAN. The slow pace is attributed to the lack of credible network management products to effectively monitor and troubleshoot SDN deployments.

In contrast, SDN-WAN seems to be addressing a real problem, that of the growing reliance of enterprises to internet connectivity. Entuity predicts that as SDN-WAN is rather simple compared to full SDN and easier to deploy, the market will settle and mature.

Entuity post describes the pain to identify the root cause of faults in a complex environment consisting of  the enterprise’s own network, the ISP or the Cloud Service Provider network.

Besides problem solving, right-sizing the virtual machines is becoming very important in order to avoid over-provisioning and performance degradation. SDN elasticity is a great tool for this problem too.