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Zenoss, Inc.

Unified IT monitoring and analytics for the modern datacenter
Work 11305 Four Points Drive Building 1, Suite 300 Austin TX 78726 USA Website: Zenoss home page


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Zenoss was founded in 2005 to address the challenges of operating and assuring large-scale IT services. Having lived the pain of building scale operations using legacy management frameworks, custom-built solutions and patchworks of point products, we knew there had to be better way. As enterprises and service providers drive aggressively towards the “IT-as-a-Service” model, the need for a new class of IT operations solution has become an urgent and obvious need.

The key principles that drove our initial offerings are even more relevant today as organizations drive towards the vision of automated operations and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • Unified: One platform for cross-domain monitoring, deep analytics and automated remediation
  • Simplified: Simple building blocks, rapid customization, remove complexity wherever possible
  • Model-Driven: Maximize intelligence and automation through real-time, model-based understanding
  • Service-Focused: Enable operating from an end-user, service-based perspective
  • Scale-Out: Elastically expand to “cloud scale” with horizontal distribution
  • The Power of Open: Open ecosystem, open source, open integration, open standards, open collaboration
  • Value for Money: Get more than what you pay for, align interests with subscription contracts

To date, Zenoss has been deployed in over 35,000 organizations in over 180 countries. We count among our commercial clients hundreds of organizations including brand-name enterprises (including VMware, Carlson, Deutsche Bank and Broadcom), leading on-line businesses (including. LinkedIn and the Ladders), cloud service providers (including Rackspace, Telstra, and Hosting.com), prominent universities (including UNC and the Temple University) and critical government agencies (including the US Army, US Air Force and US Marines).

As organizations globally evolve their IT strategies to deliver 24×7 availability while becoming more efficient and more dependent on virtualization and the cloud technologies, they are finding that Zenoss is there for them with a unique set of capabilities that maps directly to the challenges of modern IT.

Zenoss is a privately held company funded by Summit Partners, Grotech Ventures, Intersouth Partners, Boulder Ventures, Amplifier and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. We have offices in Annapolis, Maryland, Austin, Texas and San Jose, California.


Unified Monitoring and Event Management

Scale out monitoring and scale back costs with end-to-end infrastructure visibility with flexible, unified monitoring and event management that adapts easily to any environment, identifies service issues more quickly, and reduces infrastructure and productivity costs. Monitor everything in your heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud IT infrastructure with Resource Manager plus ZenPack plugins – ours, yours or the community’s.

Service Impact and Analytics

Avoid service disruptions with near real-time visibility into the health of your critical IT services, highly accurate root cause analysis, and business intelligence to analyze operations trends. Automatically identify the root cause of issues and the extent of their impact on services and applications. Uncover trends to optimize IT and plan capacity more effectively with Service Impact and Analytics.

Alerting, Remediation, and Automation

Respond quickly to business demands with monitoring speed and agility that reduces friction and allows you to realize extremely fast time to value when adopting new technologies in support of strategic initiatives. Automate alerting and remediation through integration with other systems in your IT environment, including service desk, provisioning, and orchestration systems.