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SevOne Inc

SevOne provides the most scalable performance management solution to the world’s most connected companies.
Work 4550 New Linden Hill Rd Wilmington, , DE USA


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SevOne provides the only infrastructure performance monitoring, engineered for Speed at Scale. The patented SevOne Cluster architecture leverages distributed computing to scale infinitely and collect millions of objects to provide real-time reporting down to the second and help organizations prevent outages. SevOne customers include seven of the world’s 13 largest banks, enterprises, CSPs, MSPs and MSOs. SevOne is backed by Bain Capital Ventures.

Our Story

Two network architects at global financial services firms found nothing existed on the market that scaled in time to monitor the size of today’s networks. So, they did what every true network admin would do – fixed the problem. But how?

They built SevOne, on the foundation of speed at scale. As the network grows users simply peer multiple SevOne appliances together with the patented peer-to-peer distributed architecture called the SevOne Cluster to scale infinitely — without bottlenecks. The result is real-time reporting down to the second that provides the most granular data to make decisions and prevent outages that impact end users.

Today some of the largest networks in the world rely on SevOne to keep their infrastructures running at peak performance, including: Verizon Wireless, Comcast, NASDAQ, CSC, Morgan Stanley, BSkyB, and Telstra Global.

Advocating Awesome

The SevOne team is built on the foundation of The Culture of Awesome – a culture that promotes and encourages innovation, leadership, and pushing the boundaries of performance management and data collection. The Culture of Awesome is led by a team of forward-thinking, seasoned executives who advocate awesome on a daily basis.

Forbes named SevOne one of the 50 companies to watch for in 2014.


SevOne provides real-time performance views of your entire hybrid infrastructure — including networks, applications, servers, storage, and environmentals — all from a single screen.


Collect, baseline and analyze data from routers, switches, servers and more to proactively monitor uptime of your network.


Gain advanced insight to identify potential service delivery issues for applications running on-premise, virtual or cloud.


Monitor physical, virtual and cloud resources like disk, file, memory, CPU and processess that impact application performance.


Predict storage bottlenecks and prove storage performance by monitoring both SNMP and non-SNMP storage metrics.


Manage data center energy and operational efficiency by striking a balance between compute capacity, power consumption and cooling.

Third Party Data

Collect any third party, time-stamped data and see it side by side with all of your performance statistics.