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azeti Networks

the global provider of M2M technology
Work Reinhardstraße 39 Berlin 10117 Germany Work Phone: +49 30 46 72 405-00 Website: Azeti, telecommunications


Photo of azeti Networks

azeti Networks is a global provider of M2M technology for a variety of verticals with proven experience in monitoring and managing complex technology infrastructures. Based on the industry leading SONARPLEX technology, azeti helps companies across industries to ensure continuity of their operations while enabling them to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

With the comprehensive 360° approach, azeti Networks addresses a broad range of needs and contributes to the success of more than 700 clients in 35 countries. Founded in 2006, with corporate and European headquarters in Berlin, Germany, azeti Networks also maintains subsidiaries in North America and the Middle East. From all business locations, they are providing commercial as well as technical support to numerous strategic partners, customers and system integrators.

With their steady investment in R&D, azeti Networks is not just looking at the future, they always strive to be part of it. Their research efforts include the development of a cloud platform called Social Sensor Cloud for universal interaction of sensors and actuators. A future proven technology, which will not only shift borders of efficiency but also create new opportunities for several cutting-edge applications.


azeti Networks SonarWise connect remote cell sites (BTS) with a company’s Network Operations Center, and allow for real-time monitoring of on-site technical equipment, together with its energy consumption. Additionally, environmental parameters can be monitored, as well as any theft, damage or unauthorized access to the site. Notifications and alerts keep maintenance personnel constantly informed about the condition of their telecommunication infrastructure. Special solution modules address individual challenges.

Operational Continuity

environmental monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity sensors as well as water intrusion detectors, smoke detectors and
    hazardous gas sensors are connected with SonarWise on the site and send near real-time alarms to the NOC via SMS and/or email in case of emergency
  • Remote monitoring helps to gather fine-grained data on environmental parameters for further analysis
  • Determination of optimal environmental settings

power monitoring
  • SonarWise connects directly to the battery, the generator and the rectifier and provides detailed information on all of their parameters as well as real-time clock, battery set-up and voltage set-up
  • In case of trespassing predefined thresholds, alarms are triggered via SMS and/or email to the NOC and staff in charge
  • Data and energy logging allows for detailed break down of energy consumption for comprehensive business analytics

fuel monitoring
  • Fuel level sensors help to determine when next refill is due as well as to detect theft by tapping or short delivery and therefore helps to prevent generator damage
  • Viscosity sensors measure the composition of the tank capacity showing if fuel has been replaced by some other liquid e.g. water also resulting in generator damage
  • Constant tapping of minor amounts of fuel can be revealed using flow sensors in the fuel pipe to the generator as well as door contacts on the fuel cap showing if it has been opened besides scheduled refilling visits

security management
  • Surveillance of the whole tower site with the help of cameras and motion detection sensors,triggering alarms via SMS and/or email, if unauthorized access occurs
  • Monitoring, if beacon lights are fully functional contributes to enhance the visibility of the cell tower for aircrafts
  • Detecting theft of earthing systems increases the security of the tower site in case of a lightning strike

Operational Efficiency

access management
  • SonarWise includes the deployment of keypads and/ or proximity readers (RFID) allowing for keyless entry and logging access to the site/shelter
  • On site cameras can support to manage access to the site from a distance
  • Provides work time-stamp control
  • Enables to remotely grant access to sites/shelters from the NOC
  • Set-up of role-based access permission

Multi-tenant power metering
  • SonarWise allows for multi-tenant site operations, meaning that different Telco operators using one tower site and are paying only the energy they have consumed
  • Efficient use of already existing tower site infrastructure
  • Detailed invoicing per tower site tenant including energy consumption logging for performance analysis

HVAC Management
  • Temperature and humidity sensors inside and outside of the shelter help to determine the optimal environmental settings
  • SonarWise helps to control HVAC of tower sites centrally from the NOC by varying thresholds from a distance
  • Enables to define HVAC operation patterns

Energy Supply Management
  • Sensors in the fuel tank, the generator and the batteries (optional solar panel) providing information about status of device, amount of energy generation as well as energy consumption
  • Remote switching between generator and batteries for optimized energy consumption
  • Predefined energy usage patterns for day- & nighttime operations
  • Redundancy management of power sources
  • In case of maintenance or malfunction, the NOC receives instant notifications via email and/or SMS for immediate action