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The SNMPcenter uses a directory back-end that enables a self-service approach to creating and maintaining directory entries.
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Anturis is a monitoring service (SaaS) for servers, networks and websites


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Anturis was founded by successful IT entrepreneurs and venture investors Serguei Beloussov, Max Tsypliaev and Ilya Zubarev, who each have more than 15 years of IT experience.

Anturis team is backed by a seasoned IT experts and software engineers who have all worked for leading global IT companies and startups including Parallels, Kaspersky Lab, Veeam Software, and Acronis.

Anturis was launched in 2013 after several months of open beta and is already used by thousands of companies from all around the world who trust Anturis to monitor their IT infrastructures.


  • On-premise and cloud-based systems monitoring – a physical server in-house or AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or DigitalOcean off in the clouds, Anturis can monitor it all.
  • Seamless agent-based and agent-less monitoring – configuring external monitoring of web services and websites and internal monitoring of servers, applications and networks takes only a matter of minutes.
  • Centralized monitoring – monitor multiple data centers in different geographical locations from a single dashboard.
  • Scalability – easily add as many infrastructures and components as you require, and streamline them for different tasks, departments, offices, or clients.
  • Smart notifications – Anturis offers customizable email, SMS, and voice call alerts and employs techniques that eliminate “false” alerts and alert “spam”.