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Adrem Software

AdRem Software is an independent software company with development center based in Cracow, Poland.


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The company makes network and systems management affordable and easy for SMBs and organizations by providing a consolidated, intelligent solution that’s built for low overhead, automatic insights and simple, streamlined configuration.

The company was founded by Tomasz Kunicki in 1998 to develop products for Novell NetWare. Today AdRem Software is a privately owned, self-financed company best known for its flagship product NetCrunch, an agentless network and systems management tool that automatically maps, monitors and troubleshoots networks of 3,000+ nodes.


NetCrunch is designed to manage thousands of components. It allows you to manage with rules instead of individually. NetCrunch does many things automatically, so you can configure 100s nodes in just a couple of minutes. This might be a shock for you, if you are used to working with legacy tools that require individual configuration.