Summet Arora, SVP Engineering CISCO, reported some really impressive figures, statistics and predictions for Digital India, i.e. India’s Digital Growth. Summet blog post was published following India’s first ever Mobile Congress kicked off in New Delhi in September.


Digital India- Massive Internet Wave

With more than 400 million current users, the country’s Internet adoption is the second largest in the world (after China)… and it is growing. As its citizens embrace new technologies, a massive number of connections are coming online. These users are expecting more services and better experiences—as a result, consumption is pressing heavily on the limits of the country’s current broadband infrastructure.

Over the next four years, Internet usage is expected to double to more than 829 million users!

Digital India

Source: NVI

Digital India – digitization impact

India’s economy is gaining huge momentum from digitization and is creating a significant Socio-economic impact.

Some examples include:

  • Rural India – 250,000 villages will be connected to the Internet by 2019.
  • Education – the Indian government is aiming to train 400 million people in different skills by 2022. Cisco has committed to train 250,000 by 2020.
  • Innovation – Cisco’s Innovation Labs and Centers of Excellence will touch 200 new startups. India now ranks third in global startups.
  • GDP – 20% of all transactions are online. By 2020, India’s internet industry will double to $250 billion and contribute 7.5% of the GDP and Cisco will be playing a key role in this transformation.
  • Healthcare – India is currently ranked 127th by the World Health Organization. By the end of 2018, citizens across India will benefit from E-Healthcare, which includes virtual consultations, online medical records, and online medicine supplies. Cisco is currently collaborating with the Govt. of Rajasthan to help enable remote healthcare as well as telemedicine for the armed forces.

Summet reports that Cisco is playing a proactive role in shaping India’s digital landscape through the CDA (Country Digital Acceleration) program.