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Internet of Things (IoT) Cellular Connectivity Primer – Terms and Standards

Internet of things (IoT) is a very hot topic but to understand it, one needs to understand also the IoT cellular connectivity terms and standards. According to the World Economy Forum (WEF),  IoT is likely to be the next major value opportunity across industries. The number of connected devices, which enable [...]

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IoT bike sharing service – Ericsson, China Mobile Shanghai & Mobike trial cellular IoT solution

An IoT bicycle-sharing system, IoT public bicycle system, or IoT bike sharing scheme, is a service in which IoT enabled bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a very short term basis. Bike share schemes, IoT enabled or not, allow people to borrow a bike from point “A” and return [...]

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World Economic Forum Telecom Industry study forecasts massive gains from digital transformation

The World Economic Forum Telecom Industry study findings are recorded in a white paper that records the predictions for the future of the Telecom Industry and the impact of digital transformation. The study was performed with Accenture, was released in January 2017 and contains interesting forecasts describing the importance of the [...]

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Ericsson’s Cloud IoT Device Connection Platform (DCP)

Ericsson, the world-wide leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology, is focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) and working to provide products and services that cover this exciting new world of connected things. Ericsson's Cloud IoT Device Connection Platform (DCP) is it's core IoT product that is complemented with [...]

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IoT security is important – Unsecured IoT devices are used in DDoS Botnets

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the DNS infrastructure are neither new nor rare. What is new, however, is the scale of the attacks, and the use of a network of compromised IoT devices as the source of the attack. IoT security is thus becoming a very important issue [...]

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4G LTE Cellular Networks – Performance Monitoring Complexity & What are the challenges affecting end-user’s experience?

Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) are facing challenges stemming from the increased 4G LTE Performance Monitoring complexity. To address these challenges, many CSPs, especially Tier-1 and Tier-2 ones, are partnering with innovative performance monitoring software vendors & integrators. The biggest challenge a CSP faces is how to improve real-time visibility of the operational status of [...]

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MIB integration risks when using umbrella OSS without deploying the vendor’s own NMS

Most professionals working in the network design and NOC design of Carrier Service Providers (CSP) are frequently facing a dilemma. Should they implement a vendor's Element Manager (EMS) and integrate it to their OSS/NMS umbrella systems or should they directly manage the vendors devices from the umbrella OSS/NMS? Let's [...]

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How IoT and technology are shaping homes of the future

Thanks to the Internet of Things, it is now common for homeowners to control different aspects of their home with apps, thus implementing the vision of the IoT Smart Home. An app to turn off the lights. An app to adjust the thermostat. Another app to turn on the house [...]

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Three Ways to Improve Network Performance for NOC professionals

There is hardly a Network Operations Center (NOC) professional who has not witnessed degraded network performance. Performance degradation is critical as it creates unhappy subscribers and therefore unhappy NOC supervisors! So the question  is, what can a NOC professional do to improve network performance using the variety of tools at hand? As the [...]

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IoT pet tracking – How Internet of Things can help pet owners monitor their pets

It is really amazing how broad the spectrum of IoT applications is.  IoT pet tracking is a good example of Internet of Things being employed to solve practical problems in the every-day life of humans and their best friends as reported by Cisco's bog "The Network". The Austrian firm Tractive, is just [...]

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