Element Managers vs. Network Management Platforms

One of the most common debates related to network management is: Element Managers  vs. Network Management Platforms This is an issue that puzzles Network Equipment Manufacturers, but it is a common dilemma for Service Providers and Network Operators as well. Why? Read below to understand. The Equipment Manufacturer Problem [...]

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What is Unified Network Management?

unified NMS revolutionizes the vertical management concept by supporting unified management at the Element, Network and Service management layers. Unified Management can be defined as: Management of multiple technology domains from a single platform (wireless backhaul / transport, wireless broadband access, xDSL / VoIP access, etc.). Unified user interface [...]

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Rural Access Networks – Network Management challenges

Universal Service concerns the availability of high-speed telecommunication services to anyone within a nation’s territory, inclusive of rural and insular areas. Broadband can promote society’s advancement through various applications, which include webbanking, e-commerce, Infotainment, Social Networking and e-Government. The management of rural networks encounters multiple challenges: […]

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How to select a Network Management System

Introduction With all the network monitoring tools available now, how do you find out which one’s the best for your network? Sure, cost should always be a key factor in the selection process, but you should always ask yourself, does this inexpensive NMS system covers your [...]

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Next-generation Wireless Networks – Network Management Challenges

Network Management procedures and tools have been steadily evolving the last 20 years, in order to provide a clearer view of the managed devices and networks, help the network owner/operator take decisions for network expansion and reduce the network maintenance costs while at the same time increase network and service [...]

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Enterprise Access- Challenges for Management and Monitoring

Overview Within a demanding business environment, typical access applications may include: Corporate telephony (traditional or VoIP), Corporate broadband access & Web/IP services, Metro Ethernet connections etc. The management of corporate access networks encounters multiple challenges, such as: Rapid changes of technology. Anticipation of users demands. Diagnosis of problems or outages in a non-disruptive manner [...]

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Wireless Backhaul – Challenges for Network Management

Overview The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks. Management has also become more complex due to the nature of packet-based transmission and the resiliency and flexibility features of packet networks. Currently, the management of wireless backhaul [...]

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Security Management in the FCAPS model

Security Management is a Network Management function that is about protecting both the network as a whole and the individual devices against intentional or accidental abuse, unauthorized access and communication loss. Security Management is also responsible to set constraints per managed element, according to standards & specifications. Implementing an SNMP-based [...]

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South-bound vs North-bound Interfaces used for Network Management

Most people involved in the Network Management get confused with two terms frequently used to describe the interconnections between the network and the network managers as well as the interconnections between various management systems (OSS). The terms that get people confused are: Southbound Interfaces (SBI) Northbound Interfaces (NBI) The analogy [...]

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Mobile Backhaul – Network wide traffic control challenges

Overview The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks that require capital-intensive investments in order to keep up with the ever increasing backhaul capacity. Network Operators are eagerly researching ways to minimize this investment. A business procedure [...]

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