4G LTE Cellular Networks – Performance Monitoring Complexity & What are the challenges affecting end-user’s experience?

Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) are facing challenges stemming from the increased 4G LTE Performance Monitoring complexity. To address these challenges, many CSPs, especially Tier-1 and Tier-2 ones, are partnering with innovative performance monitoring software vendors & integrators. The biggest challenge a CSP faces is how to improve real-time visibility of the operational status of [...]

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MIB integration risks when using umbrella OSS without deploying the vendor’s own NMS

Most professionals working in the network design and NOC design of Carrier Service Providers (CSP) are frequently facing a dilemma. Should they implement a vendor's Element Manager (EMS) and integrate it to their OSS/NMS umbrella systems or should they directly manage the vendors devices from the umbrella OSS/NMS? Let's [...]

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Three Ways to Improve Network Performance for NOC professionals

There is hardly a Network Operations Center (NOC) professional who has not witnessed degraded network performance. Performance degradation is critical as it creates unhappy subscribers and therefore unhappy NOC supervisors! So the question  is, what can a NOC professional do to improve network performance using the variety of tools at hand? As the [...]

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Why use NETCONF/YANG when you can use SNMP and CLI?

The main usage of NETCONF is to configure devices. But wait! We have been doing that for many-many years and we know the advantages and disadvantages of using SNMP and CLI to configure devices and networks. Do we really need  another protocol? To answer that question, let's take a [...]

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mmWave Wireless Networks – What are the prerequisites for successful deployments? (Part 1)

Operators (and vendors) face a very challenging and interesting situation related to the emerged technology of millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless networks. The high capacity connections that can be created with mmWave wireless links can fully satisfy the bandwidth demands of residential customers. But as residential access networks are highly dynamic, [...]

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Cell Site Infrastructure Management – how passive infrastructure affects customer experience

Intelligent Site is a term used by Mobile Operators,  to describe a remote site (e.g. shelter) that houses telecom and non-telecom equipment that is managed remotely in order to increase the reliability and availability of services delivered to mobile phone or enterprise customers. Equipment contained in an Intelligent Site to [...]

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Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM) – Applications, Challenges and Benefits

Overview Physical security information management (PSIM) is software designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface. PSIM is realized via collection and correlation of events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building [...]

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Challenges of Network Performance Monitoring

The performance of a network may deteriorate because of internal or external problems and then faults may occur that affect the service performance, availability and ultimately the customer experience. Performance management enables you to detect the deteriorating tendency in advance and proactively solve the potential threats so that faults can [...]

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How important is the NMS user interface for the NOC?

The Network Operation Center (NOC) interacts with the Network through the User Interface of various Network Management Systems (NMS). Thus, the importance of the User Interface cannot be underestimated as it can simplify the daily work of NOC operators and help minimize costs by allowing faster network roll-out, identification and restoration [...]

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Selecting a Network Management Architecture

Networks are increasingly becoming complex and distributed. As a result, problems like hardware failures, performance degradation, resource allocation, bandwidth monitoring and assignment and service provisioning are harder to solve and become real challenges for Network Operation Centers (NOC). The NOC is in constant search for efficient integrated network management systems [...]

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