IoT Return on Investment (IoT ROI) calculation

As we enter 2018 and approaching the 2020 milestone, the most popular technology word is IoT or Internet of Things. IoT seems to be applicable everywhere! From Smart Cities, to Smart Homes and from Industrial IoT to Automotive IoT, nothing seems to be immune to the IoT disruption. Although some [...]

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Cisco partners with Google Cloud

Cisco and Google Cloud announced a few days ago a partnership to deliver a hybrid cloud solution that targets to help customers maximize their investments across cloud and on-premises environments. Hybrid cloud is nothing new; public cloud has been around for almost a decade, so it is important to try [...]

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Introducing secure in-home package delivery with IoT and simplifying the smart home

Smart Home is gradually becoming a reality but faces challenges. An example of a smart home application is using IoT to control key lock access. Just recently, Amazon unveiled Amazon Key—a "smart lock" designed to allow their delivery people drop off packages inside of homes in an effort to lower package [...]

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Virtual Instruments and CISCO integration for Cloud Performance Monitoring

Virtual Instruments and Cisco are partnering to create solutions that play important roles in the performance, reliability and scalability of Cloud solutions. Cisco is integrating its Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming with Virtual Instruments product, the VirtualWisdom performance management platform. This integration is expected to increase the breadth of visibility into [...]

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Digital India: Driving the Next Wave of Innovation

Summet Arora, SVP Engineering CISCO, reported some really impressive figures, statistics and predictions for Digital India, i.e. India's Digital Growth. Summet blog post was published following India’s first ever Mobile Congress kicked off in New Delhi in September.   Digital India- Massive Internet Wave With more than 400 million current [...]

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Transpacific continuous data encryption success at 100Gbps

Ericsson has recently reported that together with Telstra and Ciena they have successfully trialed 100 Gbps continuous data encryption while maintaining speed and reliability over 21,940 km across multiple cable systems. The trial was about demonstrating the ability to encrypt data securely while in transit between Los Angeles and Melbourne, [...]

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Telia, Ericsson and Intel First to Make 5G Real in Europe

Ericsson announced last week two new projects that will bring 5G services to life in both Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018, two of the most digitized cities in the world. The projects are: a high-speed 5G connection to a commercial passenger cruise ship delivering internet connectivity to the ship and [...]

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The Road to 5G and the Gigabit LTE milestone

Gigabit LTE is an important milestone for operators as they are progressing on the road towards 5G. Achieving Gigabit LTE is a big challenge for operators, as it requires additional licensed spectrum that in most cases is limited. A previous survey showed that only 16% of global operators can achieve [...]

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IoT achievements addressing Smart Cities & Connected Cars challenges

Latest IoT achievements make the deployment of IoT solutions more feasible for the near future. This is good news for the industry as recent forecasts calculate a total number of around 18 billion connected IoT devices by 2022. Big IoT projects are being planned for smart cities and connected cars, [...]

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