Smart Contracts: What are they and how can be used?

Smart contracts, at least according to Wikipedia, are computer programs or transaction protocols which are intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.  This is indeed a concrete definition, but does not help to really understand [...]

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Blockchain product certification: Breitling using Ethereum

A new and very interesting use case of blockchain product certification has recently been announced. According to TechCrunch,  Breitling is partnering with Arianee to issue a new kind of certificates of authenticity for its luxury watches. Instead of relying on physical certificates, the watchmaker gives you a unique digital passport [...]

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Blockchain Standards & Regulations Progress

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a new addition in the blockchain standards on September 29th, with the release of Draft NISTIR 8301, “Blockchain Networks: Token Design and Management Overview,” which provides a high-level technical overview and conceptual framework of token designs and management methods – highlighting [...]

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Blockchain-based health code system – FISCO BCOS verifies health for 17M Chinese tourists

A blockchain-based health code system is gradually making it possible for mainland China to resume cross-border tourism to Macao. The platform makes it easy and fast for tourists from mainland China to verify their health status when entering Macao, taking just 3 seconds. While it has only been in use [...]

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CertiK Chain – blockchain real-time smart contract auditing

CertiK, a software security company active in the blockchain sector, announced the mainnet release of its own custom blockchain, the CertiK Chain. The new blockchain places a heavy focus on security, turning the previously static process of analyzing smart contracts into a real-time safeguarding system. Professor Ronghui Gu, the CEO [...]

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Blockchain-Enabled Smart Meters and Clean Power Trading

Blockchain-Enabled Smart Meters  appear to be gaining traction lately in the energy market that is researching ways to benefit from the blockchain technology. There are two types of energy sector use cases that Blockchain can be applied; visionary use cases such as peer-to-peer energy-trading using cryptocurrency raised in initial coin [...]

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