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Rural Access Networks – Network Management challenges

Universal Service concerns the availability of high-speed telecommunication services to anyone within a nation’s territory, inclusive of rural and insular areas. Broadband can promote society’s advancement through various applications, which include webbanking, e-commerce, Infotainment, Social Networking and e-Government. The management of rural networks encounters multiple challenges: […]

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Next-generation Wireless Networks – Network Management Challenges

Network Management procedures and tools have been steadily evolving the last 20 years, in order to provide a clearer view of the managed devices and networks, help the network owner/operator take decisions for network expansion and reduce the network maintenance costs while at the same time increase network and service [...]

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Enterprise Access- Challenges for Management and Monitoring

Overview Within a demanding business environment, typical access applications may include: Corporate telephony (traditional or VoIP), Corporate broadband access & Web/IP services, Metro Ethernet connections etc. The management of corporate access networks encounters multiple challenges, such as: Rapid changes of technology. Anticipation of users demands. Diagnosis of problems or outages in a non-disruptive manner [...]

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Wireless Backhaul – Challenges for Network Management

Overview The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks. Management has also become more complex due to the nature of packet-based transmission and the resiliency and flexibility features of packet networks. Currently, the management of wireless backhaul [...]

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Mobile Backhaul – Network wide traffic control challenges

Overview The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks that require capital-intensive investments in order to keep up with the ever increasing backhaul capacity. Network Operators are eagerly researching ways to minimize this investment. A business procedure [...]

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