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NICE Situator – A leading Physical Security Infrastructure Management Solution

Overview NICE belongs to the top-5 Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM) vendors that offer large scale customizable & feature-rich software, targeting large scale implementations with multi-million CAPEX and hundreds of thousands maintenance OPEX. These projects are high-end PSIM applications, for critical infrastructure, e.g. transportation, communication, government. NICE was the [...]

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Physical Security Infrastructure Management (PSIM) – Applications, Challenges and Benefits

Overview Physical security information management (PSIM) is software designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface. PSIM is realized via collection and correlation of events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building [...]

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PRTG, by Paessler, an feature rich Monitoring Solution

PRTG is a flexible and powerful software that allows you to monitor a variety of physical and virtual devices, covering both fault and performance management. It is a Windows-based solution with a web-based interface that with various automation techniques such as the automatic discovery, can help you manage even medium [...]

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Anturis, a cloud-based IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

Anturis is a cloud-based monitoring & troubleshooting solution for web services and IT infrastructure that allows you to: Monitor web sites Monitor web applications Monitor Servers Monitor MySQL Databases Monitor Network Connectivity Monitor Apache Web Servers Monitor Mail Servers Implement custom monitoring scenarios. Anturis mission is to: make IT [...]

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Challenges of Network Performance Monitoring

The performance of a network may deteriorate because of internal or external problems and then faults may occur that affect the service performance, availability and ultimately the customer experience. Performance management enables you to detect the deteriorating tendency in advance and proactively solve the potential threats so that faults can [...]

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How important is the NMS user interface for the NOC?

The Network Operation Center (NOC) interacts with the Network through the User Interface of various Network Management Systems (NMS). Thus, the importance of the User Interface cannot be underestimated as it can simplify the daily work of NOC operators and help minimize costs by allowing faster network roll-out, identification and restoration [...]

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Selecting a Network Management Architecture

Networks are increasingly becoming complex and distributed. As a result, problems like hardware failures, performance degradation, resource allocation, bandwidth monitoring and assignment and service provisioning are harder to solve and become real challenges for Network Operation Centers (NOC). The NOC is in constant search for efficient integrated network management systems [...]

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Ariadne, a unified wireless manager

SNMPcenter introduces Ariadne™, a carrier-class element, network and service management solution designed to manage multi-vendor wireless networks.   Overview Wireless Network Management for Service Providers Installed simply in less than 20 minutes Automatically discovers your wireless network Monitors your network 24/7 Provides advanced wireless Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) [...]

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Element Managers vs. Network Management Platforms

One of the most common debates related to network management is: Element Managers  vs. Network Management Platforms This is an issue that puzzles Network Equipment Manufacturers, but it is a common dilemma for Service Providers and Network Operators as well. Why? Read below to understand. The Equipment Manufacturer Problem [...]

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What is Unified Network Management?

unified NMS revolutionizes the vertical management concept by supporting unified management at the Element, Network and Service management layers. Unified Management can be defined as: Management of multiple technology domains from a single platform (wireless backhaul / transport, wireless broadband access, xDSL / VoIP access, etc.). Unified user interface [...]

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