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GDPR: Will you be responsible or response-able?

At TM Forum Live! (in Nice in May), Microsoft’s Karel Dekyvere will deliver a presentation on ‘Security & privacy standards and regulations – what is enough, is there ever too much?’. In this post, he takes a looks at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. The General Data Protection [...]

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MIB integration risks when using umbrella OSS without deploying the vendor’s own NMS

Most professionals working in the network design and NOC design of Carrier Service Providers (CSP) are frequently facing a dilemma. Should they implement a vendor's Element Manager (EMS) and integrate it to their OSS/NMS umbrella systems or should they directly manage the vendors devices from the umbrella OSS/NMS? Let's [...]

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How important is the NMS user interface for the NOC?

The Network Operation Center (NOC) interacts with the Network through the User Interface of various Network Management Systems (NMS). Thus, the importance of the User Interface cannot be underestimated as it can simplify the daily work of NOC operators and help minimize costs by allowing faster network roll-out, identification and restoration [...]

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Selecting a Network Management Architecture

Networks are increasingly becoming complex and distributed. As a result, problems like hardware failures, performance degradation, resource allocation, bandwidth monitoring and assignment and service provisioning are harder to solve and become real challenges for Network Operation Centers (NOC). The NOC is in constant search for efficient integrated network management systems [...]

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Element Managers vs. Network Management Platforms

One of the most common debates related to network management is: Element Managers  vs. Network Management Platforms This is an issue that puzzles Network Equipment Manufacturers, but it is a common dilemma for Service Providers and Network Operators as well. Why? Read below to understand. The Equipment Manufacturer Problem [...]

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What is Unified Network Management?

unified NMS revolutionizes the vertical management concept by supporting unified management at the Element, Network and Service management layers. Unified Management can be defined as: Management of multiple technology domains from a single platform (wireless backhaul / transport, wireless broadband access, xDSL / VoIP access, etc.). Unified user interface [...]

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How to select a Network Management System

Introduction With all the network monitoring tools available now, how do you find out which one’s the best for your network? Sure, cost should always be a key factor in the selection process, but you should always ask yourself, does this inexpensive NMS system covers your [...]

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South-bound vs North-bound Interfaces used for Network Management

Most people involved in the Network Management get confused with two terms frequently used to describe the interconnections between the network and the network managers as well as the interconnections between various management systems (OSS). The terms that get people confused are: Southbound Interfaces (SBI) Northbound Interfaces (NBI) The analogy [...]

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What is the TMN Model?

The TMN reference model refers to a set of standards by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) for the specification of a Telecommunications Management Network (hence, the acronym TMN). TMN covers a wide range of topics related to the principles for how to manage telecommunication networks. The topics are formally described [...]

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