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The Road to 5G and the Gigabit LTE milestone

Gigabit LTE is an important milestone for operators as they are progressing on the road towards 5G. Achieving Gigabit LTE is a big challenge for operators, as it requires additional licensed spectrum that in most cases is limited. A previous survey showed that only 16% of global operators can achieve [...]

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IoT achievements addressing Smart Cities & Connected Cars challenges

Latest IoT achievements make the deployment of IoT solutions more feasible for the near future. This is good news for the industry as recent forecasts calculate a total number of around 18 billion connected IoT devices by 2022. Big IoT projects are being planned for smart cities and connected cars, [...]

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Gigabit LTE Network Launched in China

Network speeds are on the rise! China Unicom with Ericsson have recently commercially launched a Gigabit LTE network, allowing subscribers to enjoy the services and benefits available with high-speed mobile broadband data. According to Hao Liqian, General Manager, Hainan branch, China Unicom, this development is according to their strategy to [...]

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Five technology trends for 2017 by Ericsson CTO

Ericsson CTO, Erik Ekudden just recently presented technology trends for 2017,  a report which looks at five trends identified that are part of an ongoing transformation of the industry and continuous technology evolution. These five technology trends include adaptable technology, machine intelligence, IoT security, distributed IoTplatforms, and augmented and virtual reality. [...]

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Are Telecom Operators to resume the role of Integrators again?

Fabien Voyer, Director of Marketing Strategy, Orange mentioned during the recent TMForum Live event that roles that have been traditionally held by Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Vendors and System Integrators are changing hands. It seems like operators are resuming roles that they had seemingly left behind. According to Voyer, there [...]

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Highlights from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

We have summarized interesting highlights from the internet trends  presented by industry analyst Mary Meeker in her annual, much anticipated Internet Trends Report at Kleiner Perkins.   Healthcare is becoming big: This is the first time healthcare is included in Meeker’s report. Tech and health are converging to present fresh, [...]

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Understanding market trends to outplay traditional BI

Digital business dynamics are changing the entire field of data and analytics. Gartner is telling India’s data and analytics leaders to evolve traditional approaches, and focus on business outcomes, market trends, algorithmic business, new technologies and most importantly, on building trust. This year’s theme at the Gartner Data and Analytics [...]

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Amazon cashes in on data with tailored loans

Amazon is to offer short-term loans in the form of credit to small businesses that trade on its Marketplace platform. This is interesting for a lot of reasons, including that banks don’t like lending to them. Why don’t banks like lending to small businesses? Because they are high risk. Why [...]

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Are you mature enough for machine learning?

SNMPcenter: TMForum is lately focusing heavily on digital transformation. They believe a framework is needed to help organizations access their status and readiness for digital transformation. Here is how they describe it:   Shelly Palmer, CEO, The Palmer Group, argues you need to be ready before you start to experiment [...]

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tmforumlive! 2017, May 15-18, Nice France – Day 3 live updates

SNMPcenter is attending TMforumlive! 2017. Read our coverage below: Digital Business is introducing new business models that are dramatically transforming CSPs and enterprises in unexpected ways. But where are you on your digital journey and what’s your role? With an emphasis on the ‘HOW’ TM Forum Live! 2017 provides you with impartial, [...]

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