Functions (FCAPS)

Three Ways to Improve Network Performance for NOC professionals

There is hardly a Network Operations Center (NOC) professional who has not witnessed degraded network performance. Performance degradation is critical as it creates unhappy subscribers and therefore unhappy NOC supervisors! So the question  is, what can a NOC professional do to improve network performance using the variety of tools at hand? As the [...]

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Introduction to FCAPS – Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security

FCAPS is a model created by TMN to be used by Network Operators and Service Providers to compare capabilities and features of Management & Monitoring Systems. The FCAPS model is used for Element Management Systems (EMS), Network Management Systems (NMS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS), it is therefore a universal model. [...]

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Challenges of Network Performance Monitoring

The performance of a network may deteriorate because of internal or external problems and then faults may occur that affect the service performance, availability and ultimately the customer experience. Performance management enables you to detect the deteriorating tendency in advance and proactively solve the potential threats so that faults can [...]

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What is Unified Network Management?

unified NMS revolutionizes the vertical management concept by supporting unified management at the Element, Network and Service management layers. Unified Management can be defined as: Management of multiple technology domains from a single platform (wireless backhaul / transport, wireless broadband access, xDSL / VoIP access, etc.). Unified user interface [...]

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Security Management in the FCAPS model

Security Management is a Network Management function that is about protecting both the network as a whole and the individual devices against intentional or accidental abuse, unauthorized access and communication loss. Security Management is also responsible to set constraints per managed element, according to standards & specifications. Implementing an SNMP-based [...]

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