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5G Standalone data call with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing in China Telecom

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and China Telecom (Sichuan) have successfully completed China’s first 5G Standalone (SA 5G) Ericsson Spectrum Sharing data call on a commercial network. The milestone was achieved recently on China Telecom’s 2.1GHz commercial 5G network in Deyang City, Sichuan Province. The successful demo shows that Ericsson Spectrum Sharing [...]

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Ericsson 5G Core selected by KPN Netherlands

Ericsson 5G Core (NASDAQ: ERIC) has been selected by Dutch communications service provider KPN as its mobile core network vendor. Under the five-year agreement, Ericsson will deploy dual-mode 5G Core software with full support services, including an accompanying systems integration program with third-line support services. Ericsson 5G Core will deliver [...]

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5G Monetization: TEOCO interview for TMForum Catalyst program

This TEOCO internal interview with Yuval Stein, Associate Vice President of Technologies at TEOCO, discusses new research happening in crisis response and telecommunications, and the new 5G business models and 5G monetization opportunities for service providers. Q) TM Forum’s catalyst program consists of proof-of-concept projects that bring together companies large [...]

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5G MEC-based Industrial Vision Solution by Huawei Leveraging Cloud-Edge-Device Synergy

Huawei just launched at the PT Expo China 2020, the first 5G MEC-based Industrial Visual solution for the manufacturing industry. The solution encompasses the lossless compression-capable SDK, MEC platform (MEP), user plane functions (UPFs), lossless decompression service, and machine vision apps. The lossless compression-capable SDK is integrated with 5G industrial [...]

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Microwave Radio Market 2020: backhaul & 5G deployment

Multiple reports released within 2020 focusing on the Microwave Radio market, highlight how service providers can tackle their backhaul challenges to meet the needs of wider-area 5G coverage and use cases. While microwave transmission is used mainly as last-mile connectivity in urban areas, a combination of last-mile access and aggregation [...]

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5G Mobile Sites Optimization

5G Deployment Challenges 5G Mobile Sites optimization is  a major challenge for Telecommunication operators , as the density of 5G sites that host critical and expensive equipment is increasing . These sites in most cases should be operating on a 24-7 basis, while their energy consumption is increased [...]

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The emergence of the Digital Service Provider (DSP)

The recent TMForum's Digital Transformation conference at Nice France, focused on the Telco operator and Communication Service Provider (CSP) that is now transforming to Digital Service Provider (DSP), and the new need for staff with digital skills. But what are these DSPs trying to achieve? Zero touch is a [...]

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Digital India: Driving the Next Wave of Innovation

Summet Arora, SVP Engineering CISCO, reported some really impressive figures, statistics and predictions for Digital India, i.e. India's Digital Growth. Summet blog post was published following India’s first ever Mobile Congress kicked off in New Delhi in September.   Digital India- Massive Internet Wave With more than 400 million current [...]

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Telia, Ericsson and Intel First to Make 5G Real in Europe

Ericsson announced last week two new projects that will bring 5G services to life in both Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018, two of the most digitized cities in the world. The projects are: a high-speed 5G connection to a commercial passenger cruise ship delivering internet connectivity to the ship and [...]

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The Road to 5G and the Gigabit LTE milestone

Gigabit LTE is an important milestone for operators as they are progressing on the road towards 5G. Achieving Gigabit LTE is a big challenge for operators, as it requires additional licensed spectrum that in most cases is limited. A previous survey showed that only 16% of global operators can achieve [...]

2020-10-27T15:51:40+00:00Sep 4th, 2017|Categories: 5G Mobile Networks, Featured, Standards|0 Comments
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