Anturis, a cloud-based IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

Anturis, a cloud-based IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

Anturis is a cloud-based monitoring & troubleshooting solution for web services and IT infrastructure that allows you to:

  • Monitor web sites
  • Monitor web applications
  • Monitor Servers
  • Monitor MySQL Databases
  • Monitor Network Connectivity
  • Monitor Apache Web Servers
  • Monitor Mail Servers
  • Implement custom monitoring scenarios.

Anturis mission is to:

make IT management simple, affordable and efficient for small to medium-sized companies.

Anturis was founded by IT entrepreneurs and venture investors Serguei Beloussov, Max Tsypliaev and Ilya Zubarev, who each have more than 15 years of IT experience. Anturis was launched in 2013 after several months of open beta and is now in commercial operation, claiming to have hundreds of customers in the IT enterprise market.

What is Anturis?

To achieve their mission of simplifying IT management, Anturis has created a hosted (cloud) monitoring platform, thus eliminating the need for the allocation of extra hardware resources and additional software to install and maintain.

The monitoring capabilities are targeted to small and medium enterprises, and therefore Anturis supports a relatively limited set of managed devices /entities and features.

Anturis focus is on status monitoring, displayed with tables and charts, and notifications that via e-mail, SMS and voice call are easily configured to timely notify IT administrators for outages and critical errors.

Anturis web based user interface


Anturis can monitor front-end IT infrastructure such as web sites, interactive web applications and mail servers, but  also back-end IT infrastructure such as Apache web servers, mySQL databases and servers. Anturis can also be configured / customized to use SNMP for monitoring, but as this is a manual process, it is really suitable more for limited number of SNMP objects and small networks.

The real strength of Anturis is at web sites monitoring, where currently five (5) agents located in different parts of the world (Canada, United States of America, Hollad, Germany and Russia) can be used to monitor web-sites availability and performance.

Anturis is a new solution with promising features. As it will become more mature, we expect more features to be released and new agents to become available at different parts of the world, in order to make it more valuable to IT administrators looking to monitor their infrastructure in a simple but effective way.


How much does Anturis cost?

Anturis uses the term “monitor” to describe the managed entity used for licensing. A monitor, in Anturis words, is the

single IT infrastructure resource than needs to be checked or measured” (more on monitors below).

Anturis provides packaged licenses for 10 monitors ($9,5/mo), 40 monitors ($39,90/mo) and 100 monitors ($89,90/mo), but you can also request a custom quotation for more.

A 20% discount is offered if you buy annual packages, i.e. pre-pay for 12 months.

A trial period of thirty days is offered for free, where you can easily test all Anturis features yourself!


How Easy is to Install and Use Anturis?

Anturis is a hosted solution, i.e. runs on the cloud and is accessed by a web browser. Does this mean that there is no installation required at all? Well, that depends!

  • In case you are thinking to use Anturis to monitor simple front-end IT infrastructure, i.e. infrastructure that is publicly accessible such as web sites and e-mail services, then yes, no installation is required. You just need to sign-up at Anturis web-site to start monitoring.
  • In case you are thinking to use Anturis to monitor back-end IT infrastructure, i.e. infrastructure in a private network such as servers, databases, enterprise software etc., then you need to install what Anturis calls Private Agents.
  • In case you want to monitor complex web transactions, such as e-shops purchasing procedures, then you need to download what Anturis calls “Transaction Recorder” that allows you to use a custom browser to capture complex web-based use cases. The Transaction Recorder comes bundled with the Private Agent.

These Private Agents are small software packages that you install on Windows or Linux machines within your private network. There task is to do the monitoring by accessing your targeted infrastructure and send data to the cloud.

This is an elegant solution presented by Anturis, as you do not need dedicated servers (cost) to do the monitoring, or complex configurations at your network layer to by-pass firewalls.


How Easy is to Use Anturis?

Once Anturis is ready to be used, then you need to add your infrastructure physical and virtual devices that Anturis names components and define the monitoring entities that Anturis calls monitors.  This is an easy procedure done with simple wizards.

After creating the model of your network, monitoring is relatively easy. The web user interface of Anturis is easy to use and fast and although there are things to improve and features to add, still for status monitoring of small networks will not cause problems to the IT Administrator.

Anturis detailed review(s)

Following requests from SNMPcenter readers, detailed reviews are being written for Anturis, to cover its functionalities, i.e. Installation and Operation, Performance Management, Fault Management, Discovery, and also comparisons with other popular monitoring solutions.

Check back here to read these detailed reviews, or opt-in the SNMPcenter mailing list to be notified when reviews are released.

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