Anturis releases detailed documentation for monitoring Amazon AWS

Anturis releases detailed documentation for monitoring Amazon AWS

Anturis has released a very detailed step-by-step article that outlines basics of using Anturis in monitoring IT systems running on AWS. Why do that when Amazon provides its own tools? Well, Anturis complements AWS’s monitoring service CloudWatch by allowing easy collection not only of OS-specific metrics, but also of metrics related to applications (databases, processes, services, web servers) and business logic (global response time and availability, full page load time, transactions, etc.). In addition, with IT resources outside AWS (e.g., in-house or other IaaS/PaaS, such as Azure or Rackspace), Anturis provides a single-pane-of-glass view of all distributed IT systems.

Here are some scenarios, where Amazon AWS may prove useful (according to Anturis):

With monitoring, some AWS issues can be identified by the various states of the monitors. Some of the possible scenarios are listed below:

  • An increase in website response time may be because of high CPU usage or less free memory, which may indicate that under normal presumptions you need to increase the EC2 instance size to a higher class of CPU cores and memory.

  • Failure of the EC2 instance PING test or of SSH connectivity tests may indicate that the EC2 instance is in an undefined state, which can be recovered by an EC2 instance reboot or a SHUTDOWN/START cycle.

  • Even in cases where high CPU usage is observed at low traffic, accompanied by high page load time, it may indicate that the EC2 instance needs to be scaled up.

  • A low free-disk-space state of a monitor signals that EBS disk volumes attached to an EC2 instance are full and need to be scaled to accommodate more storage.

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