We have summarized interesting highlights from the internet trends  presented by industry analyst Mary Meeker in her annual, much anticipated Internet Trends Report at Kleiner Perkins.


Healthcare is becoming big: This is the first time healthcare is included in Meeker’s report. Tech and health are converging to present fresh, constructive solutions.The advent of fitness trackers and health apps means there is more user data than ever that could help create products more quickly.

Mobile advertising is king: Time spent with media on mobile devices is increasing and online advertising is skyrocketing. Global ad spending on the internet is expected to grow faster than TV in 2017, and Google and Facebook are taking the majority of internet ad spending (85% !).

User experience focus: Meeker describes how Lowe’s – the US chain of home improvement/DIY stores – are teaming up with Google to offer a new kind of augmented reality shopping experience with an app allowing customers to map rooms in their homes in real time to assess how various options could look.

India & China are the most fascinating markets for the internet on the planet:  Unlike the rest of the world, India’s Internet user numbers grew more than 28 percent in 2016. That is an impressive 355 million users number, with only China ahead of it. Also mobile web traffic is up 80 percent (!). Private tech enterprises ion China drove wealth creation, and time online surpassed the amount of time people spend watching TV in 2016. What’s more, is that China had 700 million mobile Internet users last year.

Music Industry is recovering: After many years of revenues decline due to digitization, the music industry saw an upbeat turn with revenue up 11 percent in 2016. Spotify leads the subscription and streaming charge, going from 0 – 50 million subscribers in fewer than nine years.

Gaming is a main reason for internet services: Meeker says early interactive gaming helped creation and adoption of many today’s internet services like downloadable content, digital recognition. It has played also a significant role in interactive storytelling and learning.

In Mary Meeker words:

Perhaps Interactive Gaming Evolution / Growth / Usage…Has Been Helping Prepare Society for Ongoing Rise of Human-Computer Interaction?


Read more of the report here.