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Welcome to SNMPcenter

SNMPcenter was developed by Christos Rizos, a specialist in management technologies, applications and markets. With more than 20 years of experience, SNMPcenter gives a unique perspective on the management market and technologies, access to use cases, to help professionals looking to build new solutions and solve complex management problems.

Who is behind SNMPcenter

Chris Rizos
Chris RizosSNMPcenter founder and curator
SNMPcenter founder and curator Christos Rizos is an entrepreneurial marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in Element, Network and Service Management. Christos is a Product Line Manager at Intracom Telecom, leading the NMS activites of the company.


SNMPcenter vision is to create an independent community and resource for professionals and students that are interested to learn more or discuss monitoring & management of networks, systems and infrastructure.

Assuring service availability, minimizing operational & maintenance costs,  and maximizing network utilization & customer experience is the “holy grail” of any telecom and IT professional.

To succeed, you need to use the best tools available and implement best practices.

SNMPcenter is a place for professionals to read news, best practices, discuss but also take educational courses, purchase books and white papers and even enjoy expert consulting services.

If you are involved in Monitoring & Management:

  • designing telecom networks, IoT solutions or infrastructure
  • working in a Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • designing and developing NMS/OSS/Controllers/Orchestrator software solutions

our experiences – both wins and failures – can help you understand the technologies best practices, traps and how to avoid them.

Having spent more than 20 years designing, developing and marketing Monitoring & Management solutions for a great variety of applications, has given SNMPcenter valuable insight and experience on real-life use cases and technologies, including:

  • Telephony: Public Payphones, ISDN Network Terminals, Wireline DSLAMs, etc.
  • Utilities: Energy Smart Meters,
  • Security: Access Control and Payment Gateways, Physical Security Monitoring, etc.
  • Wireless: PtP Packet Microwave and Millimeter radio links, PtMP Access and Transport Networks, etc.
  • IoT: Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, etc.

and many others


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