5G Deployment Challenges

5G Mobile Sites optimization is  a major challenge for Telecommunication operators , as the density of 5G sites that host critical and expensive equipment is increasing . These sites in most cases should be operating on a 24-7 basis, while their energy consumption is increased due to the 5G technologies being deployed.

Most operators are using legacy solutions (>10 years old) to monitor and control their sites, and these solutions have limited capabilities for automation and remote troubleshooting and provide a poor user experience. Most operators have recognized this issue, thus the need for a complete and modern solution that addresses all aspects of sites has grown.

Operators researching intelligent solutions to manage the infrastructure of their sites, need to focus on timely reports to monitor energy consumption and quality. At the same time, they must select solutions that increase their infrastructure reliability through scheduled and automatic maintenance procedures, while constantly monitoring the security of sites and the environment conditions.

Typical capabilities of such systems include:

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Fuel-level Monitoring
  • Security Surveillance
  • Power Generator Monitoring
  • Power Control and Battery Cells Maintenance.
  • Environmental Monitoring:

5G Mobile Sites Optimization

Energy Monitoring

  • Analyse the energy production and consumption and optimize the energy bill
  • Identify inefficient equipment and justify replacement
  • Verify received energy bills from landlords (for tenants renting space)

Fuel Level Monitoring

  • Identify fuel theft by correlating power generation with fuel level.
  • Identify fuel theft with sudden fuel level decrease (threshold crossing)
  • Optimize re-fueling schedule

Security Surveillance

  • Visibility of who and when has entered the site and if authorization for this access has been granted or not.
  • Remote access control, to allow or restrict access to sites in real-time
  • Motion detection with sensors and cameras, to detect theft, vandalism and automatically record videos.
  • Advanced computer vision enabled by machine learning to simplify monitoring and security breach detection.

Power Control & Battery Maintenance

  • Avoid unnecessary visits
  • Minimize service disruption via massive & remote battery tests scheduling for night hours.
  • Minimize replacement costs through warranty monitoring
  • Optimize maintenance plan based on environment conditions
  • Minimize OPEX through massive actions on multiple or grouped PSUs.
  • Avoid site failures via early warnings on voltage and discharge time.
  • Identify site load increase to ensure backup power duration
  • Automatically re-adjust maintenance due to main power loss.

Environmental Conditions Monitoring & Control

  • Keep all the equipment healthy and up and running with minimum effort and cost. Equipment health is related with environmental conditions.
  • Avoid unnecessary site visits,
  • Optimize maintenance routines with earliest possible identification of problems
  • Monitor temperature and humidity of the site but also the internal temperature of equipment in order to take automatic corrective actions, e.g. start/stop air-conditioning units and create warnings.
  • Correlate site conditions with weather to identify possible malfunctions.